Cesstech offers a wide range of state of the art, Novx brand of ESD/EMI Management and Monitoring tools which is now part of the product offering from Simco-Ion which provides Electrostatic Management Solutions . Novx is a recognized leader in EMI/ESD detection & measurements and offers products that allow manufacturers to monitor ESD in production in real time, thereby shortening the corrective action loop and providing an opportunity to control their ESD environment . The Novx range of EMI/ESD equipment and monitors include ESD monitors, workstation monitors, Equipment ground monitors, Ionizer controllers and EMI / ESD measurement devices, detectors & tools.

Why do we need ESD monitoring?

When our electronic products are getting smaller & smaller, the miniature capillaries form of electronic circuitry is most vulnerable high voltage electric charges. Such damages are not visible from our naked eyes. Therefore, ESD monitoring system will help us to prevent & detect possible occurrence of static electric build up which can releases high voltage charge when it contacted to our products.