Particle Counting Instrumentation & Systems

Liquid Particle Counter

HIAC 9703+ Liquid Pharmaceutical Particle Counter works with PharmSpec Software to test Parenteral Drug Final Product Testing for sub-visible particle content using light obscuration in accordance with USP<787>, <788> and EP 2.9.19. As recommended in USP <788> and <787> the HIAC 9703+ sampler is specifically designed for use in a HEPA-filtered laminar airflow cabinet to reduce risk of contamination. The light obscuration sensor with flexible calibration at multiple flow rates improves ease of sampling for varying sample volumes such as large volume injectables/infusions and small-bore, low tare volume sample probe available for Therapeutic Protein Injection testing and wide bore sample probe available for testing viscous samples. Specially designed vial clamp holds sample in place and small-bore sampling probe enables full application of USP <787> for protein based drug products. Ease of use and data integrity such as 21 CFR Part 11 ALCOA compliant are prioritized in PharmSpec and auto-flush routines for improved walkaway operation. In addition to the built-in compendial test routines, user-defined SOPs can be programmed into the counter using PharmSpec Software’s Procedure Builder.