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SCS USA Static Control

SCS, previouly known as Desco Industries, is the largest manufacturer of Static Control products in North America, developing high-tech solutions for static control challenges, particularly in promoting the use of workstation continuous monitors. 3M Static Control which acquired Credence Technologies in 2006 led to the development of high-end monitoring equipment for ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) control compliance. In 2015, Desco Industries, Inc. of Chino, California purchased the assets of the 3M Static Control business thereby creating the largest manufacturer of Static Control products in North America. This purchase led to the creation of Desco Industries newest brand, SCS.

SCS Static Management Program (SMP) continuously monitors your ESD process control system throughout all stages of manufacturing. SMP captures data from SCS workstation, equipment and ESD event continuous monitors and provides a real-time picture of critical manufacturing processes. All activity is stored into a database for on-going quality control purposes. SMP allows you to pinpoint areas of concern and prevent ESD events. Quantifiable data allows you to see trends, become more proactive and prove the efficiency of your ESD process control system. SMP Network utilized a common SMP system setup that utilizes the server software, client software, WS Aware Monitor, EM Aware Monitor, and Ground Master Monitor.