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Cesstech distributes the Simco-Ion range of Industrial and technology air ionization products and systems. Simco-Ion is the premier provider of electrostatics energy management solutions and helps high tech manufacturers develop and manage their static budgets for maximum yield, throughput and profitability. Cesstech carry’s a comprehensive range of Simco Ion industrial and technology air ionization products, equipment and services for a variety of technology applications from cleanrooms to process equipment to electronics assembly areas. The industrial applications offer individualized static control solutions for your requirements including static charging, static neutralizing, particulate removal components. These static control solutions are suitable for Plastics Packaging, Web handling and Converting, Printing and Bindery, Automotive and Particulate Removal applications.

Other than Simco-Ion, SCS, previouly known as Desco Industries, is the largest manufacturer of Static Control products in North America, developing high-tech solutions for static control challenges, particularly in promoting the use of workstation continuous monitors products such as WS Aware Monitor, EM Aware Monitor, and Ground Master Monitor.

Cesstech’s portfolio includes installation, service and maintenance as well. Yearly maintenance and calibration contracts are also available upon request.

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