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Benchtop Ionizers

These ionizers offer critical ionization protection to accommodate the different levels of static charge protection
needed in high-tech manufacturing facilities like the Data Storage industry . There are single, 2 or 3 fans ionizers
available for this very specific application where reliable and fast static charge control is required throughout the
  Model 6422e & 6422e-AC (with Auto Cleaner)
Point of Use Ionizer

Features :

Patented IsoStat® technology
Smallest form factor available in
steady-state DC ion emission blowers
24 VDC or 24 VAC input
Facility Monitoring System (FMS) interface
  Model 6432e
Local Area Ionizer
Features :
Patented IsoStat® technology
Steady-state DC ion emission
Auto-Clean System
Alarm relay closure circuitry
  Model 6460
Full Coverage Overhead Ionizing Blower (2 Fans & 3 Fans)
Features :
Patented IsoStat® technology with steady-state DC
ion emission
Alarm relay closure circuitry
Multicolor LED indicator
Two sizes: 32 inches with two fans, or 44 inches
with three fans
  Model 6202e
Target Blower
Features :
±5V balance or better
Patent-pending, automatic emitter cleaning system
Collimated chassis directs ionization to target area
Enhanced features include Factory Monitoring System (FMS) connection and alarm LED
  Model Aerostat PC
Ionizing Air Blower
Features :
Fast, targeted neutralization of static charges
Lightweight, compact and quiet for unobtrusive use
Built-in point cleaner simplifies maintenace
Variable speed fan for airflow control
Status lamp indicates high voltage is present at the emitter points
Integrated heater for warm air flow if desired
  Model minION2
Compact Ionizing Air Blower
Features :
Compact design
Self-balancing DOCC™ Technology
Radial Emitter Design
24VDC Input
  Model Endstat 2020
Ionizing Air Blower
Features :
Compact and portable design
Easy to install and operate
Two speed fan control
Built-in emitter cleaner



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