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Liquid Particle Counter

Cesstech offers the Hiac & Anatel range of liquid particle counting systems for measuring particles in water (or ultrapure water) from 0.1um right upto 400.0um with varying flowrates, including models suitable for either on-line or batch sampling .


  HIAC 9703+
Liquid Particle Counting System
Features :
Efficient Compliance
Highly Flexible
Advanced Diagnostics
Time Saving, Faster and Easier
Protects Your Investment
  Model 8011+ Liquid Particle Counting System (For Lab Analysis)
Features :
On-screen one button sampling
0.5-400 micron application range
Support ISO, NAS, SAE, GOST, DOD and ASTM, User defined, Raw counts
Paperless, Data in a PDF or Excel file
  Model PODS + Portable Oil Diagnostic System
Features :
Efficient and intuitive to use
Immediate laboratory-quality onsite results
Reports SAE and ISO cleanliness classifications,
4/6/14 μm(c)
Harmonizes NAS 1638 to new MTD calibration
With Build In Pump For Easy Field Testing
  Model Glycount Glycol Liquid Particle Counter
Features :
Compatible with Transaqua HT, Oceanic HW540, Oceanic HW443 and Pelagic 100
Efficient and intuitive to use
Immediate laboratory-quality on-site results
Reports SAE and ISO cleanliness classifications
  Model ROC On-Line Liquid Particle Monitors
Features :
Long life laser diode for exceptional performance
and instrument life
Real-time contamination and condition information
for quicker decision making
High temperature and pressure capabilities for harsh environments
  Model HRLD Series Light Obscuration Liquid Particle Counting Sensors
Features :
User configurable alarm event notification
Real-time data capture
User friendly interface
Customer confi gurable


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