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In a few short years, we have established ourselves as a leading supplier Advanced Microcontamination and Electrostatic (ESD) Management solutions for ultra clean environments and processes. As a provider of microcontamination and ESD solutions for ultra clean environments and processes, our services also include offering advanced engineering solutions in the hi-tech sectors of Semiconductor, Data Storage, Electronics, Bio-Medical / Pharmaceutical and LCD/TFT Manufacturing & Assembly businesses. Besides offering a wide array of such equipment from the world's top manufacturers, we have also succeeded in adding considerable value to this niche market with our third party auditing, performance testing and qualification services. Being an established leader in our expert field, our work rate has come to be synonymous with quality, precision, integrity and uncompromising dedication to customer satisfaction. We have attained the necessary accreditation, certifications and endorsements in our specialised fields both locally as well as regionally. In Cesstech, you will find a partner perfectly capable of meeting your stringent performance evaluation, measurement and qualification demands.

Our Mission

Provider of Innovative & Adaptive Total Contamination Control Solutions Through Investment in Technology, Human Resources and State of the Art Instrumentation.

Products & Services  
Air, Liquid, Hydraulic & Vacuum Particle Counters and Facility Monitoring Systems from Hach (MetOne / Hiac / Anatel)
Microbial Air Sampling Solution from Emtek
Air Ionization Products, Systems & Electrostatic Management Solutions from Simco-Ion
ESD/EMI Management Tools from Novx, Simco-Ion
Particle Size Analyzers And Cell Counters, Sizers and Media Analyzers from Beckman Coulter
Temperature / Humidity Measurement Solutions and Datalogger from Lufft
Anemometer / Air Flow Measurement Solutions from Lufft
Nanoparticle / Aerosol Measurement & Mgt Solutions from Matter / TEC
Analyzers & Detectors from Neutronics (Ntron Product range) and Gow Mac Inc
Cleanroom, Minienvironment and Clean Air Devices Performance Testing & Certification
Design, Development & Engineering Solutions (Microcontamination/ESD)
Contamination Control Testing and Studies
ESD Surveys, Audits and Testing
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing
Calibration of Particle Counter
CPC/ NanoParticle Mgt Solution from HCT
Our Principals/Brand Names  
Beckman Coulter
RJL Micro & Analytic

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