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Cesstech has a comprehensive inventory of testing instrumentation to ensure that all the testing is carried out according to the various industry standards:

Benefits :
Various Resistance kits for measuring resistance, surface resistivity, volume resistivity of worksurfaces, flooring, garments etc
Charged plate monitors for measuring balance voltage and discharge time of air ionizers
Electrostatic fieldmeter for measurement of surface charges /electrical field potential
EMI Locator for measuring and detecting electromagnetic field, ESD events and RF Signals/td>
EMI Event detector to monitor, detect, measure and count electrostatic discharges
Variable Resistance meter for evaluating the performance and PASS/ FAIL set points of wrist straps/ footwear checkers, resistance measurement devices and monitoring devices
Ground/ Circuit tester to identify common electrical circuit problems
Workstation/ Tool or Equipment monitor for monitoring real time voltage and performing ESC measurements
Various customized kits for measurement of specific parameters like garments, flooring, body voltage, personnel/ footwear resistance etc
Electronic thermo-hygrometer for measuring the temperature and RH of the environment during testing
Air velocity meter for measuring the airflow velocity especially when testing the performance of ionizers in a clean environment

Several of these instruments come with standard software that can be used to perform long term tests.
Real time and on line measurements can be performed over time to assess the changes in the relevant
parameters in the environment or equipment under test. This enables a better assessment of the environment or equipment under test.


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