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Remote Particle Counters

Cesstech offers the Met One range of remote sensors for real time monitoring of the airborne particle count in cleanrooms, workstations, minienvironments or tools. These sensors range in sensitivity levels of 0.2µm to 10µm with flow rates of 0.1 cfm or 1.0 cfm. These sensors are configured for RS485 serial communications or 4 to 20mA output and can be integrated & interfaced to almost any facility monitoring systems or data acquisition software and hardware platforms available in the market. These sensors can also be effectively packaged with the UVO facility monitoring software. Most of these sensors come complete with long life lasers with extended service warranties. Our trained field installation and software engineers can integrate these sensors and other monitoring instrumentation in the cleanroom to these software for on-line, real time monitoring of critical operating parameters within the ultra clean environments & processes for data acquisition and statistical analysis.


  Model 6000P Remote Airborne Particle Counter
(0.5µm, 1cfm, build in pump)
Features :
Long Life Laser technology for superior performance
0.5 microns minimum sensitivity
2 size channels with option of 4 size channels
Built-in pump with 28.3 L/min (1.0 cfm) flow rate
  Model 4500 Remote Airborne Particle Counters
(0.3um/0.5um, 0.1cfm)
Features :
0.3 and 0.5 μm sensitivity
Long Life LaserTM diode maximizes life of expensive components
Modbus or Pulse communication protocols for ease of integration
  Model R4803/R4805 On-Line Airborne Particle Counters
(0.3um/0.5um, 0.1cfm, suitable for inert gas)
Features :
Long Life Laser™ technology for superior performance
ASensor resistant to vaporous hydrogen peroxide (VHP)
0.3 micron at 0.1 cfm (R4803)
0.5 micron at 0.1 cfm (R4805)
  Model R4903/R4905 Remote Airborne Particle Counters
(0.3um/0.5um, 0.1cfm, suitable for inert gas)
Features :
0.3 micron at 0.1 cfm (R4903)
0.5 micron at 0.1 cfm (R4905)
2 size channels
4–20 mA output
  Model 6000 Remote Airborne Particle Counters
(0.2um/0.3um/0.5um, 0.1/1.0cfm)
Features :
High performance, reliable 0.2 μm sensitivity counter designed for 0.2 μm applications. Accurately identifies smaller particles to improve product quality and
increase yield
Long Life Laser™ diode diode reduces the need for replacement parts and the overall cost of ownership
Easy to Install, remove and interchange with various installation options and DIP switches. Reduces
initial installation cost and subsequent reinstallation
cost during routine maintenance/calibration work
Multiple communication options such as Pulse, Serial Modbus, Ethernet and Analog. Easy tointegrate with any FMS system
  Model 7000 Remote Airborne Particle Counters
(0.5um, 0.1/1.0cfm, FDA compliant)
Features :
Long life laser diode for exceptional performance
and instrument life
Real-time contamination and condition information
for quicker decision making
High temperature and pressure capabilities for harsh environments


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