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Temperature / Humidity Measurement Solutions & Datalogger From Lufft


  Hand-held Measuring Device XA1000
All-in-ONE Temperature/Humidity, Flow, Air pressure

Features :

TFT colour display, legible in sunlight
Measuring temperature, humidity, air- flow via external digital sensors
Integrated air pressure measurement
Numerous calculated measurements
200 recording blocks with length of 3 hours
  Hand-held measuring device XC200 - Temperature/humidity
Features :
Two lines color display with large digits
Calculation of dew point temperature
Display of MAX, MIN, HOLD, AVG and ACT
Easy-to-use touch operations
  Hand-held measuring device XC250 pyrometer - Temperature/humidity
Features :
Two lines color display with large digits
Noncontact temperature measurement
Pyrometer is laser assisted
Display of MAX, MIN, HOLD, AVG and ACT
  Model OPUS20 THI Temperature and Rel. Humidity
For climate monitoring in buildings and the control of all climate-sensitive production processes: in electronic data-processing centres, control cabinets, wind turbines, storage rooms and museums.
  Model OPUS20 THIP Temperature, Rel. Humidity, Air Pressure
Features :
Lufft’s precise weather station for interior applications - an essential data collector for all calibration laboratories
  Model Opus20 TCO Temperature, Rel. Humidity, CO2
Features :
As a guideline for school rooms in the USA the limit of 1,000 ppm applies; for workplaces the occupational exposure limit is 5,000 ppm
  Model OPUS20 For External Sensors
Features :
The Opus20 offers the highest fl exibility and excellent value for money, allowing the connection of up to 4 external temperature and relative humidity sensors, as well as 2 further analogue sensors. Intelligent sensors can be integrated via the Opus20’s RS485 interface (e.g. particle counter).



  Temperature / Humidity / Differential Presure Measurement Solutions
  Lufft Germany
  Novasina Switzerland



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