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Why Is Static Control Important?
Managing static electricity is important for several reasons. The most notable being contamination control, operator safety, and minimizing process equipment issues that can occur due to high static charges.
Contamination control is a significant issue in many manufacturing environments, especially in critical applications such as food, medical or pharmaceutical packaging.
Operator safety is also a critical concern because high static charges can cause significant electrostatic shocks to unsuspecting personnel, or worse, an electrostatic discharge in a solvent coating application could cause a fire hazard. The biggest issue for most manufacturers is that all of these problems resulting from static electricity impact their bottom-line.
Static electricity is best controlled by using active electrical ionizers to neutralize the charges. The most effective devices for eliminating static are strategically located in the process to manage the three problems identified above.

These major industrial process depend greatly on static control.


Simco-Ion’s products provide solutions in critical converting processes that can be affected by static including bag-making, sheeting and slitting, laminating and coating, gravure printing, rewinding, trim collection, web cleaning and roll-to-roll changeover.


Simco-Ion solves problems for a variety of plastics applications including film extrusion, injection molding, thermoforming, trim collection coating, laminating, chill roller pinning, blow molding and in-mold labeling.


Today’s print customers demand high quality printed material at competitive prices. Simco-Ion’s static control products, cleaning systems and static bonding equipment guarantees that your customers will get higher quality printed materials. At the same time your production cost are lowered and throughput increased.


Static charges can cause problems in many areas of packaging processes. Simco-Ion’s products can eliminate these problems in a variety of applications including package printing, bottling, labeling, thermoforming, over-wrapping, trim collection, and form, fill and seal operations.

  IQ Easy Static Neutralizing Bar
Features :
24 VDC low voltage input
IP-66 rated against particulate and splash
Designed for rugged industrial and easy cleaning
Shockless long-life emitter points
  IQ Power Static Neutralizing Bar
Features :
24 VDC low voltage input
Neutralize static 3,000 fpm@9" or up to 30" away
Designed for rugged industrial and easy cleaning
Tungsten emitters for extreme charge conditions
  MEB Static Bar
Features :
Stainless steel construction
Effective for web speeds up to 1200 ft/min
Mounting of 1” to 3” from target surface
Universal mounting brackets


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