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Static Charging Systems

Static Charging generators to deliver a safe charge to charging bars and various charging applicators used to electrostatically bond materials together.

  Charging Generators
Features :
Run up to 4 charging bars or applicators
Capable of voltage or current control mode operation
Simplified programmable menu with status indicator
Powerful industry leading 5mA pinning current
  MCM 30
Features :
Ultra Compact & Light Weight (0.77 kg)
24V DC input
Maximum output 30 kV@1mA
> User selectable voltage or current mode
  Charging Applicators/Bars
Features :
Super-Rugged Design
Resistively Coupled
High Output
Part of Chargemaster System
  Pinner Charging Applicators
Features :
Current Limited Design
Minimized EMI And RFI Generation
Replaceable Pins
Arc condition sensing & Intervention


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