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Filter Leak Testing Instrumentation from TEC

Cesstech offers controlled environment products especially used for HEPA/ULPA filter leak testing from TEC Services Inc . The product range includes aerosol photometers, aerosol generators and aerosol-testing reagents.

  Model PH4 Aerosol Photometer
  Model AG-A1 Aerosol Generator (Pneumatic) For testing filter systems from 500 to 5000cfm
  Model AG-E1 Aerosol Generator (Electric) For testing filter systems from 200 to 2000cfm





  Microbial Air Sampling Solutions from EMTEK
  Aerosol Photometer & Generator from TEC Services
  Nanoparticle Management Solutions from Matter
  Borescopes From Schoelly
  Gas Analyzers Detectors

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