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Ionizing Bars

The MKS Ion Systems range of aerobars are designed to control static charge in minienvironments, clean air devices and workstations and come in various lengths and configurations with an option for different types of emitter points.
  Model 5225
Digital Aerobar (In Tool Application, Pulsed DC/Steady State)

Features :

Complete integration with tool control system
Fully adjustable parameters for each AeroBar
Closed-loop feedback with Sensor
Ion current monitoring
  Model 5225S
StandAlone Digital Aerobar (In Tool Application, Pulsed DC/Steady State) – Ion Controller not required
Features :
All parameters are held within the AeroBar. No controller required.
Fully adjustable parameters for each AeroBar utilizing pulsed DC or steadystate DC modes
Several AeroBar lengths including three lengths specifically designed for EFEMs
Ion current monitoring
  Model 5585
Fully Digital Aerobar (Pulsed DC / Steady State DC)
Features :
Fully digital technology
Pulsed DC or SSDC ion emission modes, Standby mode
Fully adjustable operating parameters individualized at each
AeroBar: mode, power, timing, on times, patented off time feature
Bi-directional infrared remote control with alphanumeric LCD display for AeroBar adjustments
  Model 5285
Aerobar Ionizer (Pulsed DC)
Features :
Patented sequenced bipolar ionization
Unique aerodynamic design
Individual positive and negative power controls at each bar
Ion current regulation and operational failure alarm (Model 5285e only)
  Model 5685
Aerobar Ionizer (Steady State DC)
Features :
Patented IsoStat® technology
Steady-state DC ion emission technology
Single-crystal silicon or titanium emitter points
Available in four different lengths
  Model 5635
Modulated Pulse Aerobar (For Semiconductor, LCD/TFT Applications)
Features :
Extended ISO Class I cleanliness (using the optimized default settings and without air-assist)
Modulated pulse technology
Excellent lateral uniformity
Low field voltages
  Model 5710
Wire Aerobar (For (For LCD/TFT Applications)
Features :
Unique corona wire design (no emitter points)
MicroPulse high voltage technology
Flexible and powerful setup
  Model 5024e/5084e
5024e/5084e controllers (used with 5285 Aerobar)
Features :
Power 4, 20 or 80 ionizers
Single timing setting synchronizes ion emission for all ionizers attached to a controller
Alarm LED and audible alarm option on Model 5024; alarm LED and FMS output on Model 5084



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