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Cesstech distributes the Simco-Ion range of air ionization products and systems. Simco-Ion is the premier provider of electrostatics energy management solutions and helps high tech manufacturers develop and manage their static budgets for maximum yield, throughput and profitability. Cesstech carry's a comprehensive range of air ionization products, equipment and services for a variety of applications from cleanrooms to process equipment to electronics assembly areas. These ionizers are suitable for Semiconductor, Data Storage, Flat Panel / LCD, Solar, Life Sceinces and General electronics applications. Cesstech's portfolio includes installation, service and maintenance as well. Yearly maintenance and calibration contracts are also available upon request.


How ESD & Ionizer can be part of our daily life?

  • Non harmful but annoying way
    • When you just want to walk out from a dry full day air-conditioning room or during winter, where the relative humidity is low, Zap!!! The steel door knot just release ESD shock to your hand.
  • Be careful when near flammable gas area
    • Other then stop engine or not smoking at gas/petrol station, there is case where people caught fire repeatedly moving in & out the car while filling in progress. The polyester skirt & the rubber car seat generate so must ESD that it create fire spark & burn up the skirt.
    • Gas/petrol refill truck need to ground themselves while on the move by steel chain to prevent ESD caused fire spark.
  • ESD Ionizer to neutralize ESD concern area
    • Most common & concern of ESD are those manufacturing & servicing of electrical & electronic products. High voltage of ESD can burn out the minute circuitry of a device which cause it to malfunction.
    • High Speed manufacturing or printing of paper or thin plastic sheet. With high speed rolling of the paper & plastic, the ESD voltage generated by the process can reach up to thousand or 10 thousand volt or more. It can be damaging to human handler or the machinery. Ionizer blowers with opposite charge are used to counter the electric charge on the surface of the product.
  • Household use of ionizer blower to kill odor or smoke in room & car
    • Those household ionizer works with the same principle. It blows out negative ion to surrounding area, the particles in the air get charge and attracted together. When more and more particles attracted together it become heavy and going down to bottom. Thus, the odor is gone.



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