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Gas Chromatographs / Detectors from Gow Mac Inc


Gow Mac offers the complete range of well engineered gas chromatographs for a wide variety of gas applications and come complete with state-of-the-art innovative detector technology. Gow Mac's engineers and chemists will develop the methodology and configure a complete GC solution for your analysis... and guarantee it! The customer is assured of a total system responsibility...thus saving time and money.

Gow Mac’s gas chromatography detectors, analytical instruments, filaments and speciality gas-handling equipment lend themselves to a myriad of applications in educational, laboratory, cleanroom and industrial (petrochemical, semiconductor, food, solvent or industrial chemical) facilities.

  Model 20 series Gas Analyzer
  Model 50 series Continuous Gas Analyzer
  Model Series 580 Isothermal Gas Chromatograph
  Model Series 590 DID Gas Chromatograph
  Model Series 816 High Performance Gas Chromatograph
  Model Series 900 Toxic Gas Analyzer
  Model Series 1200 Trace Nitrogen in Argon Analyzer
  Model Series 1300 Trace Nitrogen in Helium Analyzer
  Model Series G-M 7100 Moisture in Gases Analyzer
  Model Series 7500 Moisture in Liquids Analyzer
  Model Series 200 Aromatic Hydrocarbon Analyzer
  Model 21-070 Gas Leak Detector



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