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Cesstech offers the complete range of particle counters and monitoring systems for Air (Met One brand), DI water (Hiac/Anatel brand), Hydraulics (Hiac brand) applications from Beckman Coulter. As the world leader in particle counting, Beckman Coulter is one of the principal players in ensuring damage due to particle contamination is minimized. Beckman Coulter’s products and technologies are in use at virtually every global leader engaged in the manufacture of semiconductors, microelectronics, data storage devices and pharmaceuticals. Besides sales and application, Cesstech also provides the full installation, service, repair and calibration of the Beckman Coulter range of products supported by our fully equipped calibration laboratories in S'pore, KL-Malaysia and Suzhou-China.


The MicroQuick Particle Scanner was developed by RJL Micro & Analytic to provide quick analyses of component cleanliness. The method has been introduced as an industry standard and is compliant with the VDA-19 & ISO-16232 standards. MicroQuick enables you to measure the particle distribution on a filter in just a few minutes.


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Why do we need particle counter?

When cleanliness is one of the major factors contribute to the quality of the end product of a factory. Particle counter will be the manufacturer’s line of defense to capture and hold its’ product with high risk of failure due contamination. The parts’ replacement cost for product out of factory is a lot higher than those that hold in the factory. Either batch or real time monitoring particle contamination using particle counter will greatly reduce the number of failed end product to users thus save cost & reputation of the company.

Why do we need particle count in controlled room?

  • In Operation Theater
    • When we are in the surgical operation, any particles that drop to our cut out area will have a relatively high percentage of infection, both biological or not biological.
    • Infection can be cause by cross contamination either by surgical tools or other surrounding supporting accessories.
  • In High End Manufacturing Plant
    • With end product is getting more miniature, the size of particle previously not notice to us had become significantly high impact to the yield of the product.
    • With coming Nano technology, particle monitoring become a must for Nano product manufacturing.
  • In Pharmaceutical Related Product
    • Pharmaceutical related product producer specially those ingestion type had to follow GMP Annex 1 to make sure that the production process must in a area where particle count must be within the limit.
  • In Food Manufacturing Sector
    • With more and more people cautious on what they eat, many food manufacturer and replace the contain of preservative with food preparation in cleanroom environment.

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