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ESD Sensing

Cesstech offers a wide range of state of the art, Novx brand of ESD/EMI Management and Monitoring tools which is now part of the product offering from Simco-Ion which provides Electrostatic Management Solutions . Novx is a recognized leader in EMI/ESD detection & measurements and offers products that allow manufacturers to monitor ESD in production in real time, thereby shortening the corrective action loop and providing an opportunity to control their ESD environment . The Novx range of EMI/ESD equipment and monitors include ESD monitors, workstation monitors, Equipment ground monitors, Ionizer controllers and EMI / ESD measurement devices, detectors & tools.


Why do we need ESD monitoring?

When our electronic products are getting smaller & smaller, the miniature capillaries form of electronic circuitry is most vulnerable high voltage electric charges. Such damages are not visible from our naked eyes. Therefore, ESD monitoring system will help us to prevent & detect possible occurrence of static electric build up which can releases high voltage charge when it contacted to our products.


  Nanopulse Series 7000
Real-Time Process Monitoring & Control
Features :
Smart Signal Processing
EM Noise Levels Tracking
Dynamic Threshold Analysis
Independent EMI/ESD Event Detection
Increased Data Processing
SPC Direct Tool Interface/Control
Particle Counter Sensing Interface
Field Sensing with Decay Testing
Ionizer Closed-loop Control/Status
Body Voltage/Current and Ground
EMI and ESD Event Detection
User-Programmable Alarm Set-points
RS-485, Modbus, Ethernet, Wireless
Critical Alert Notifications
Constant dedicated monitoring in high constrained processing environments
Freedom to adapt antenna types and configurations
Separate EM npise levels and ESD event detection tracking
Enchanced antenna ESD event detection monitoring points
Plug-in modules for product enchancements
Direct connect sensor capability
Critical notification to production staff and management
Features :
Small Footprint
Red/Green LED Alarm
Audio Alarm
Adjustable Alarm Threshold
9V Battery Operable
Multi-antenna Accommodation
Proximity Limited
Open Collector Output
Tool and Process Embeddable
DC and Battery Operation
Proximity Tunable
Excellent for Auditing or Long-term Applications
  Series 400
Features :
Body Voltage or Current Detection
Particle Counter Sensing Interface
Ground Monitoring
Process Environment Monitoring, Control and Data Output
PUser-Programmable Alarm Set-points
Proactive Control
Modular Construction
RS-485, Modbus, Ethernet, Wireless
Critical Alert Notifications
All process features are plug-in modules that can be added
at any time
Operator monitoring with current or voltage detection
Communication for interface to the Novx PEMS or other data acquisition software
The ROI is improved significantly when compared to previous instrumentation
Bi-directional communication for proactive control
Critical off-site and on-site alarm notification for production staff and management
Workstation Monitors
Features :
Body voltage detection
High and low resistance GND monitoring
Proximity detection option (M224 only)
Two wrist-strap inputs
Audible alarm tone per channel
Alarm output (M220 only)
Red/green LED per channel
Digital architecture
Modular construction
Direct connection to garment or coil cords
Hard ground and table mat
Cleanroom compatible
Quick change consumable parts (normal wear)
Single Channel Closed-Loop Ionizer Controller
Features :
Field Charge Detection
Ionizer Balance Detection
Closed-loop Control
Audible Alarm
Programmable Warning and Alarm Setpoints
LEDs for In-balance Warning and Alarm
Powered by Ionizer
Small Footprint and Light Weight
Digital Controller
Integral Antenna/Sensor
Reduce Process Variations and Provide Continuous Monitoring
Control Ionizer Balance to +/-0.2V
Consistent Cost and Performance Advantages
Over any Other Possible Solution
Multi-Channel Field Voltage Detection
Features :
Digital, microprocessor-based controllers, multi-channel,
digital I/O, auxiliary I/O, local addressability, RS-485, and
Modbus data output
Multiple antenna configurations including passive, active,
and high speed electrometer
Precision resolution
Programmable alarm set-points with tool shutdown option
Voltage/polarity displays, local red/green LEDs each channel
Provides easy integration, cost/performance advantages over other monitoring solutions, direct communication to other Novx instruments, a tool controller, or PEMS
Detect field voltage in a wide variety of applications:
Monitor field voltage at distances, monitor ionizer balance, and perform In Situ decay testing without the added expense of a CPM
Measure and record field voltage down to 0.1V
Enable closed-loop feedback control to select ionizers based on balance or decay test results for up to 3 SSDC ionizer fans or a 3 fan blower
Reduce process variations, decrease scrap/rework,
and improve process yields
Visual indicators at the instrument



  ESD Sensing / Process Monitoring Solutions
  ESD Sensing
  Process Monitoring Solutions

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