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Process Monitoring Solutions

Why do we need ESD monitoring?

When our electronic products are getting smaller & smaller, the miniature capillaries form of electronic circuitry is most vulnerable high voltage electric charges. Such damages are not visible from our naked eyes. Therefore, ESD monitoring system will help us to prevent & detect possible occurrence of static electric build up which can releases high voltage charge when it contacted to our products.


Environment Monitoring Software
Features :
Proactive Control
Remote Monitoring
Real-time Data Capture
Machine Tool Interface
Easy Installation and Maintenance
User-friendly Interface
Configure/Expand Easily
Product Mix and Match Versatility
Facility Layout and Matrix Display
User-selectable Setup and Operation
User-defined Area/Station Name
Programmable Warning/Alarm Limits
Audible, Lights, Paging Warning
User-selectable Configuration Files
Network Files
RS-485, USB, Ethernet, Wireless
Windows Compatible
Improve manufacturing yields, finished product quality, and manufacturing equipment reliability
Achieve higher productivity levels by reducing scrap and improving product quality
Communicates with most sensor brands
Dramatically reduces cost of purchase, installation
and ownership over time.
User-friendly and easy to learn
Powers all connected sensors from it’s own power supply



  ESD Sensing / Process Monitoring Solutions
  ESD Sensing
  Process Monitoring Solutions

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